Greetings From NYC

Going into this trip I was pretty blindsided. I’ve been to New York City before…well more like through, but I didn’t know what it was really like besides what I’ve seen on YouTube or movies. I’m glad that I was completely unaware of anything NYC because it made the experience that much more surprising and shocking. Personally I love the whole vibe, everything feels like … Continue reading Greetings From NYC

Morphe x James Charles: The Sister Collection

I’ll be honest here and say I am not a regular viewer of James Charles’ Youtube channel. I think he’s super talented and I’ve seen looks he’s done here and there but I’ve just never fallen into really watching his channel. All that aside though I saw this palette and immediately fan-girled. It is stunning!! It has all the colors you could ever need at … Continue reading Morphe x James Charles: The Sister Collection

October Book Wrap-up

HELLO ALL!! I realize we are half way into November and this is super late.. I’m sorry!! This entire month has been super stressful with adjusting to my classes, making some decisions regarding courses and college applications hence why this wrap up is so lack luster..and late. I only read two books which is super disappointing and the two I got to weren’t exactly my … Continue reading October Book Wrap-up

A Spooky TBR

I actually LOVE Halloween so in celebration there are some thrillers in this TBR. I also included a book written by a Mexican-American author because it’s Hispanic Heritage month. In case you didn’t know Hispanic Heritage month lasts from September 15th to October 15th. In reality I’d like to read more but I only chose five books because with school and college applications it’s been … Continue reading A Spooky TBR